What Types of Urns Are Suitable for Burial Outdoors?

Posted on January 11, 2021 by Davis Greenlawn Funeral Home under Cremation Services
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If you want to bury the urn containing your loved one’s ashes, you’ll want to know more about the best urns for burial. A provider of cremation services in Richmond, TX will be able to help you select an appropriate urn for whatever purpose – including if you’d like to bury it. Urns can be buried in urn gardens located at cemeteries, on private properties, and elsewhere. The funeral home that helps you plan final services will be able to give you more recommendations.

Here’s a look at the types of urns you need to consider if the plan is to bury the urn outdoors.

Urns Made from Metal

If you want to bury an urn, metal is a good material for that purpose. They can be stored in your home, outside your home, and more. One of the best things about a metal urn is that it will be able to maintain its structural integrity even after it’s been buried and covered with earth. So they won’t cave in soon after being buried. Metal urns also come in various types of material like zinc, steel, and brass. You can also get them customized and in various designs.

Urns Made from Cultured Materials

It’s also a good idea to buy an urn made from cultured materials. Cultured materials, which include onyx, granite, and marble, are known for their strength and durability. These are the sorts of qualities you’ll want for an urn you’ll be burying underground. Like urns made from metal, urns made from cultured materials will hold up to underground forces that can threaten the structural integrity of urns. So an urn manufactured from cultured materials is a good choice.

Urns Made from Biodegradable Materials

Biodegradable urns are very popular these days, especially since people are becoming more and more conscious about the environment and about their responsibility as stewards of the environment. By purchasing a biodegradable urn that will breakdown over time underground, you can ensure that no materials remain underground over the long term. It can be a fitting way to bury the ashes. You can get biodegradable urns manufactured from paper, wood, rock salt, leaves, and other things. Ask the funeral director who helps you plan for more recommendations if you want a biodegradable urn for your deceased loved one’s ashes.

cremation services in Richmond, TX

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