What to Wear For Outdoor Services at Funeral Homes in Richmond, TX

Posted on October 4, 2021 by Davis Greenlawn Funeral Home under Funeral Homes
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Now that a loved one has died, a lot of tasks are now on your plate. From going in and out of funeral homes in Richmond TX to contacting far flung family members of the death, there is certainly a lot for you and your family to do. That includes selecting an outfit for the services.

If you’re a man, you may think that your funeral attire will be a simple suit. In most cases, this will be true. But in the hot Texas heat, a male mourner may not always want to wear a three piece suit.

Female mourners also want to stay cool during an outdoor service at funeral homes in Richmond, TX on a hot day. While some women feel that fashion is a bit more important than others, it’s important to note that a funeral service is not a runway show at New York Fashion Week. So while it’s okay to want to appear stylish at the service, especially if the deceased also appreciated fashion during their lifetime, focus more on demure and modest looks than showstopper outfits.

But even following these tips may not be enough to keep mourners hot on one of those notoriously hot Texas days. In addition to dealing with grief, no one wants to have to deal with mourners suffering from heatstroke. These additional tips will keep you cool and dry, even under a scorching Texas sun.

Choose the Right Fabrics

Before attending a service at funeral homes in Richardson, TX, check what the weather and the humidity will be like. By doing all of this, you can select the proper fabrics for a funeral service on a scorching day.

Choosing the right fabrics might actually be a difficult task for men. That’s because female mourners can simply wear lighter fabrics. With male mourners expected to wear dark suits, finding non-wool suits can be hard, especially in a short period of time. You can go with a linen suit, but make sure the look is more formal.

Do You Have To Wear Black on a 100-Degree Day?

Traditionally, mourners wear black to funerals. But these days, that tradition is slowly starting to change. Plus, even the traditionally minded don’t want to wear black on a 100-degree day where they will be sitting outside in the sun for over an hour.

On these occasions, look to other somber colors for appropriate funeral attire. Some of these colors include blues, greens, and grays.Richmond, TX funeral homes

Can Women Wear Sleeveless Outfits?

In the past, female mourners wearing a sleeveless dress to a funeral was strictly verboten. These days, this is far from the case. Look for dresses that have a more formal look and cut. Seek out looks that are not too revealing.

Let the staff at Davis Greenlawn Funeral Services help with your service at funeral homes in Richmond, TX. Whether you decide to hold your memorial service indoors or outdoors, we can assist you with all aspects of the planning, setup, and burial process from beginning to end. For more information, call our Richardson, TX facility during our normal business hours.

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