Ways to “Green” Rosenberg, TX Cremation Services

Posted on June 8, 2020 by Davis Greenlawn Funeral Home under Cremation Services
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We often hear from our clients that they appreciate our extensive program of cremation services in Rosenberg, TX, but they want a move environmentally-friendly approach. That’s why at Davis Greenlawn Funeral Chapels and Cemeteries, we’re adapting our cremation packages to make it easier to be kind to the world we live in. Read on for some of the ways we’re greening our cremation program and making it easy to customize an environmentally-friendly package.

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Alternative Cremation Techniques

Cremation is a popular choice because it offers more flexibility to the family, but traditional cremation requires the use of a powerful oven known as a cremator. A new system known as Aquamation, or alkaline hydrolysis, eliminates the need for a hot-burning oven and replaces it with a heated alkaline solution that breaks down the body naturally in only hours. The results are the same and only take eight hours to complete the cremation process.

An Organic Transformation

Most of our urns are designed to be taken home with the family and keep the ashes in a safe location. But our biodegradable urns offer the chance for a very unique and long-lasting memorial. They hold the ashes and a tree seed and are designed to break down when buried, releasing the seed and growing it into a tree over the years to come. This creates a final resting place where the family can visit and see the living tribute to their loved one.

An Ocean Burial

For clients who choose cremation and want to scatter the ashes at sea, a new option gives you the ability to sustain sea life at the same time. Coral Balls are uniquely shaped receptacles for cremation ashes that are marked with a GPS tag, making it easy to locate and track the burial spot at sea. The shaping of the balls make them inviting to coral and other sea life, which attaches to the ball and turns it into its own miniature ecosystem.

Sustainable Memorials

If you’re holding a full memorial service at our facilities, it’s easy to take some simple steps to reduce your service’s carbon footprint. This can include sustainable flower and plant arrangements, a vegetarian or vegan spread of refreshments, and a cremation vault made out of recycled wood if you’re choosing to have the ashes interred on our grounds. These are small changes, but they add up to an environmentally-friendly service.

Serving a Good Cause

An increasingly common way to help the environment at a memorial service is to use it to raise money for environmental charities. It’s common for friends to send gifts in the form of flowers and gift baskets to the recently bereaved, and this can take up a lot of room in a house. Instead, many families are selecting a charity and asking funeral attendees to send a donation in the name of the deceased.

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If you’re looking for a way to make Rosenberg, TX cremation services more environmentally-friendly, our team is ready to help. Contact Davis Greenlawn Funeral Chapels and Cemeteries for more information or to set up a consultation today.

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