Tips for Holding a Meaningful Virtual Memorial

Posted on July 12, 2021 by Davis Greenlawn Funeral Home under Cremation Services
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COVID-19, social distancing, and mask-wearing mean that you’ll have to get used to some changes when planning a funeral service or a cremation service in Richmond, TX. Fewer people are allowed to gather in a single space, so this means that funeral services in a church, chapel, or elsewhere are smaller. This is the case whether the service is held inside or outside.

If you want to hold a memorial after the cremation service, you might want to do it virtually. That way, you can have a large meeting that allows family and friends from anywhere in the world to participate. With this in mind, there’s a look at how you can make a virtual memorial special.

Consider Using a Memorial Site

You should consider taking advantage of a memorial internet site. Doing so will make it easy to hold a virtual memorial. Just conduct a quick online search to find out about memorial sites that simplify the process of holding an online memorial to honor your deceased loved one.

Choose a Theme

You’ll also want to select a theme. Was the deceased into sports? Did they love gardening? Did they enjoy traveling to different countries? Did they have a favorite color? You and your family can choose a theme for the online memorial by considering things that interested the deceased. If their favorite color was red, then you can ask those who tune in to the virtual memorial to wear red. You can also have red flowers on display and try to incorporate that color in other ways too.

Get People Involved

Try to get lots of people involved in the event. Some can sing, others can play instruments, some can read poetry, and others can do other things. You don’t want the event to feature only one or two people doing all the talking. Find ways to get family and friends from around the world participating in the virtual memorial. This will make the event more meaningful.

Have a Program

While you may want to leave some room for spontaneity, you should also consider making a program. In other words, plan everything out. This will ensure that the online memorial looks sufficiently organized and that it doesn’t drag on needlessly. Chances are that you, your family, and well-wishers will get more out of the virtual memorial if it’s properly planned out.

cremation service in Richmond, TXWith the coronavirus situation still an issue, it might simply make more sense to hold a virtual memorial than to hold an in-person memorial in a church or somewhere else. A virtual memorial will allow for more people to be part of the event. While there are social distancing rules in place for in-person gatherings, there are no such restrictions if you have the memorial online.

When you’re ready to arrange a cremation service in Richmond, TX, let us know. When you get in touch with us, we’ll listen to what you’re looking for, detail your options, and equip you with the information you need to make decisions. We can also help you preplan your own body disposition if you wish to do so. Get in touch when you need our help.

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