Questions that Many People Ask About Cremation Services

Posted on September 28, 2020 by Davis Greenlawn Funeral Home under Funeral Homes
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funeral home serving Rosenberg, TX

Are you on the verge of planning final services for someone and are learning towards cremation services? If you’ve never done anything like that before, you might be at a loss as to what to do. Of course, a funeral home serving Rosenberg, TX residents will be able to fill you in and to answer all your questions. But if you’d like to learn more ahead of actually calling a funeral home, read on to see answers to some common cremation services questions.

What Does Cremation Entail?

For the cremation process, the body of the deceased is placed into a cremation chamber that generates a lot of heat. It is the heat that breaks down the body until all that remains are ashes and bone fragments. The funeral home then grinds down everything until what is left are ashes, which will resemble fine sand. The funeral home will give the family of the deceased an urn containing the ashes. In terms of the amount of time it will take for the family of the deceased to get the urn, this will depend on the funeral home doing the cremation.

Can a Funeral Service be Held Before the Cremation?

It is possible to hold a funeral service prior to or following a cremation, but this will depend on the death care services providers you choose. Some families decide to have a cremation for their deceased loved one and then hold a special event – like a memorial service or a celebration of life service — afterward. It can provide a way for family and friends to come together following a tragic loss.

Where Can Someone Buy an Urn – and is it Really Needed?

Cremation urns can be purchased at funeral homes. They will have a good selection and knowledgeable employees who will be able to help customers get what they need. As for whether an urn is really needed, the answer is “no” – technically speaking. While it’s best to buy an urn, it’s also possible to get the ashes in a simple cardboard box. Most people, however, see an urn, even a simple low-cost urn, as a more fitting option than a free cardboard box.

What Can be Done with the Ashes?

There are plenty of things that can be done with the cremation ashes, such as the following:

  • Scatter the ashes on water, on land, and in the air
  • Bury the urn in a cemetery or backyard
  • Keep the ashes in an urn and display the urn in a private home
  • Create memorial jewelry

funeral home serving Rosenberg, TX

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