Ideas for a Personalized Service at Richmond, TX Funeral Homes

Posted on May 25, 2020 by Davis Greenlawn Funeral Home under Funeral Homes
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Your loved one lived a full and complex life, and a service celebrating them should reflect that. That’s why at Richmond, TX funeral homes, we work with our clients to personalize services to reflect the things and people that meant the most to the deceased. At Davis Greenlawn Funeral Chapels and Funerals, our staff is ready to take your ideas for a personalized service and develop them into a fitting and memorable celebration of life. Here are some popular ways people choose to set services apart.

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Arriving in Style

The funeral procession is one of the most dramatic parts of any service, with a mile of cars traveling to the cemetery in sequence. We’ve all been behind one and gone “Wow, that person left a big impact”. If you want to add a personal touch to a funeral procession, why not let the choice of cars speak to your loved one’s taste. Did they love a specific make of car? Why not rent a fleet of them? We also offer processions with horse-drawn carriages for those who want some old-school flair.

The Memory Wall

A great way to add an interactive element to a service is with a memory wall posted at the entrance to the reception wall. This simple piece of poster board becomes a canvas for the family to post pictures and notes to their loved one, creating a picture of their life. When other guests come in, they can add their own mementoes and build a collective tribute that the family can take home with them as a reminder of all the people their loved one touched.

A Memorial Meal

Few things bond people together and create lasting memories more than food, so why not sit down for a dinner to go over those great memories? Popular choices include a potluck with guests bringing dishes, or a catered dinner from a favorite local restaurant. Many restaurants and bakeries offer deals for people using local funeral homes, if you want to cater an event at one of our reception halls.

Musical Memories

Was music important to your loved one in life? Why not incorporate it into the service? This can be anything from playing background music at the beginning and the end, to having a local tribute band put on a live performance of their favorite song. If you’re planning to have guest speakers perform at the reunion, this can easily become a musical tribute by friends and family to add a joyous note to the event.

Digital Outreach

Especially for funerals on short notice, it’s possible that some family and friends won’t be able to attend a memorial service. That’s why our digital outreach program makes it possible to hold a second memorial service online. Our digital services include possible livestreaming of the service, along with a digital guestbook and memorial wall so people can add their condolences, share memories, and donate to worthy causes from half a world away.

If you want to build a personalized memorial service for your loved one, Richmond, TX funeral homes can help. Contact Davis Greenlawn Funeral Chapels and Cemeteries for more information today.

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