How Do You Get the Right Cremation Urn?

Posted on November 9, 2020 by Davis Greenlawn Funeral Home under Cremation Services
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cremation services in Sugar Land, TX

Planning a cremation for a loved one who has passed away will mean having to make a lot of important decisions. One of the things you’ll need to mull over as you arrange cremation services in Sugar Land, TX is what urn to purchase. If you’ve never bought an urn before, you might be tempted to believe that they’re all pretty much the same. But that would be inaccurate.

Read on to learn about how you can get the right urn for the ashes of your deceased relative.

How Much Do You Want to Spend?

It’s always important to come up with a workable budget. You won’t have to spend as much to buy an urn as you would if you needed to buy a casket for a burial. So you’ll see that urns are cost-effective and that you’ll find various options that fit your budget. Let the funeral director know how much your budget is so that they can show you options that are most suitable.

What Will You Do with the Ashes?

What you will do with the cremated remains is also an important consideration. There are purpose-specific urns available so knowing what will become of the ashes will make it easier to choose an appropriate one to suit whatever purpose you have in mind. Do you want to scatter the ashes some place after, say, a memorial service or a celebration of life service in honor of the deceased? If so, the funeral director can show you some scattering urns that will facilitate scattering. Would you and your family prefer to bury the urn? One option is to get a biodegradable urn that will breakdown underground. The funeral director will be able to help you choose an appropriate urn if this is something that’s of interest to you.

What Material Type Interests You Most?

Urns come in all sorts of materials. Wood, marble, glass, ceramic, and metal are a few examples. So if you have a preference, you can ask the funeral director to show you urns in the material type that is most of interest to you. Of course, some materials will be more expensive than others, so you’ll want to consider this when looking at different urns.

cremation services in Sugar Land, TX

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