Funeral Service Preplanning Myths

Posted on November 16, 2020 by Davis Greenlawn Funeral Home under Funeral Homes
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Most people would admit that preplanning with a funeral home in Richmond, TX is a good idea. Those who make arrangements for their own funeral or cremation ensure that this task doesn’t fall into the laps of their loved ones after they pass on. But while a lot of people do believe that preplanning makes sense, only some of these people actually go through with preplanning. One reason for this may very well be myths that some people cling tightly to.

Here are some funeral service preplanning misconceptions or myths that are definitely untrue. Don’t let any of them get in your way of making final services arrangements.

Myth: “If I Preplan and Change My Mind Later, I Won’t Be Able to Update Anything”

Whether you preplan a cremation or a funeral, you may change your mind later. It actually happens more often than you might think. Sometimes people have a preference for one body disposition type and then later on change their mind and prefer the other type. All it takes is a call to the funeral home to let them know that you’d like to switch your final services package. They’ll accommodate you in any way you want so that you get the body disposition you desire. This means you’re never locked in. You’re in charge, so you can implement changes.

Myth: “Preplanning is a Long and Wearisome Process”

When you plan with a reputable funeral home, you’ll find that the process won’t take long at all. Remember that the funeral director who helps you is a licensed professional who is experienced in helping people plan and preplan funerals and cremations. They will be able to explain the process and help you make decisions. The preplanning process will be over before you know it. So there’ll be no marathon consultation that eats up a huge chunk of your time.

Myth: “Preplanning is Expensive”

The reality is that preplanning is actually cost-effective since you will pay in advance for a service you won’t need until well into the future. Paying in advance will mean your family will be spared any future price increases. The price you pay after you preplan will be locked in and won’t be subject to inflation – an economic indicator that increases costs over time.

Myth: “Preplanning Might Bring Me Bad Luck”

Some people believe that preplanning will bring them bad luck. But there is zero evidence to support the idea that anyone who preplans runs the risk of passing away prematurely. So this is one myth that you definitely need to lay to rest. And the sooner, the better.

funeral home in Richmond, TX

Do you need to plan funeral services or cremation services with a reputable funeral home in Richmond, TX? We’re a reputable service provider that is ready, willing, and able to render whatever assistance is necessary to help you arrange final services. Our funeral director and the rest of our staff are committed to helping you with your funeral or cremation planning or preplanning. You can give us a call to learn more, to ask questions, or to set up a consultation.

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