Cremation Services Options You May Not Have Considered Before

Posted on July 13, 2020 by Davis Greenlawn Funeral Home under Cremation Services
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Many people believe that the only options after cremation services in Richmond, TX are to scatter the ashes someplace or to take the urn home as a keepsake. Those are valid options, of course, and you may very well decide that that’s the sort of direction you’ll take. But wouldn’t you like to learn about some unique options that are available if you choose the right funeral home? At the very least, you will have more options to choose from among. Here’s a look at things you can do following the cremation of your deceased loved one.

cremation services in Richmond, TX

Graveside Funeral Services

You might have been told that you can’t have a graveside funeral service with a cremation service — but that’s not the truth. Choosing the right death care services provider will make all the difference. When you work with a death care services provider that offers choices, you can plan a graveside funeral service that honors the deceased and comforts the living. Among other things, you can personalize your loved one’s service to honor them through military honors, masonic rights, or religious leadership. So planning cremation services doesn’t mean you can’t add things usually associated with funeral services that are followed by an earth burial. You can learn more from the funeral director helping you to make body disposition arrangements.

Cremation Jewelry

Another option that can help you memorialize your deceased relative is cremation jewelry. Cremation jewelry is available in many different forms such as lockets, pendants, rings, and more. The cremation jewelry option has been around for centuries, but it is growing in popularity nowadays. What this option offers is a way for you and your family to retain a small amount of the cremated remains of someone you still love dearly. The cremation jewelry can also become the sort of keepsake that gets passed down from generation to generation.


Cremation Benches

Cremation benches offer a great opportunity to express how you feel about your deceased loved one. It can also honor their life in a tangible way. With our almost endless customization options, you’ll be able to get a cremation bench that you and your family really love. You can put it somewhere on your property so that it serves as an eternal memorial to your deceased relative.

Are you interested in finding a Richmond, TX cremation services provider that offers the sort of cremation options mentioned above? Get in touch with the professionals at Davis Greenlawn Funeral Chapels and Cemeteries. We specialize in helping families to plan meaningful body dispositions for their deceased loved ones. We believe our job has two components – the physical component and the emotional component. The physical parts involve performing burials, entombments, and inurnments. The emotional aspect involves working with families to design healing experiences. For the help you need, give us a call or stop by our office. We’ll be pleased to let you know more about the funerals, burials, and cremations we offer. You can also check us out online via our website at to learn more.

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