Creative Uses for Ashes After Cremation Services in Rosenberg, TX

Posted on April 27, 2020 by Davis Greenlawn Funeral Home under Cremation Services
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cremation services in Rosenberg, TX

When you choose cremation services in Rosenberg TX, the professional services of Davis Greenlawn Funeral Chapels and Cemeteries are only the beginning. Whether you want a basic cremation service followed by a self-directed memorial, or a full-service treatment at our gardens, you have many options for how to honor your loved one. Here are a few ways people follow up cremation in more creative ways than the traditional urn.

A Stationary Tribute

It’s possible to bury cremation urns at our gardens and cemetery in a process very similar to a traditional funeral. The ashes are placed in a burial vault and can be interred either in a burial plot or in an above-ground mausoleum. If you’re interested in a unique option offered at our facilities, consider our cremation benches. These convenient seating places around our grounds are all dedicated to someone whose ashes reside within.

Farewells in the Wind

The scattering ceremony is a time-honored tradition where the ashes are released in a meaningful location, often over water or a high vantage point. To make releasing the ashes easier, we offer a selection of scattering urns that allow a controlled release. Scattering ashes is legal in almost any public location, but if you want to do it on-site, our memorial garden is a popular place for scattering ceremonies and makes a peaceful location to return to be close to your loved one.

Sharing the Love

It’s common with larger families to divide the ashes among more than one person so many people can have a part of their loved one with them. We offer a selection of smaller urns ideal for splitting the ashes between a small group. For larger groups or those who want to keep the ashes on them at all times, we offer a selection of vials and pendants that can hold a pinch of ashes and can be worn like jewelry without calling attention to the purpose.

Transforming the Ashes

One of the most popular ways to honor a loved one is to take the ashes and mix them into another substance, transforming them into something that held meaning to the deceased. Artists often like to mix some ashes into paint or ink and use them to create a painting or a music sheet, and this can be done independently. Those who want a permanent reminder can have a tattoo artist mix the ashes with tattoo ink and safely tattoo their skin with that blend.

If you’re looking for a spectacular single-time display, a professional fireworks company can blend the ashes with the gunpowder in a batch, making for a perfect finish to a memorial service. For a permanent and sturdy reminder, third-party companies offer compression of ashes that transforms them into a small diamond, ideal for wearing as a ring or necklace with a unique meaning.

Do these ideas for honoring your loved one appeal to you? That’s only the beginning when you choose cremation services in Rosenberg, TX, so contact Davis Greenlawn Funeral Chapels and Cemeteries to set up a consultation today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it wrong to separate cremated ashes?

There’s no law or rule that makes it illegal or wrong to separate cremated ashes. Dividing them among several urns is acceptable. You can even scatter them over one or more spots. 

How do they separate ashes after cremation?

After cremation is done, ashes are removed from the cremation chamber and placed on cooling tray. If there are any metal pieces, it will be removed and separated. Ashes are then reduced to fine ash with the texture of coarse sand (bone ash) before being placed into a temporary container.

Is it safe to touch cremated ashes?

As cremation rises in popularity, some people wonder if the ashes are safe to keep in their homes. The truth is that they are. Once the body is cremated, all that remains are materials that are natural to the body and safe for human contact.

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