5 Statements that Funeral Directors Won’t Ever Make

Posted on October 5, 2020 by Davis Greenlawn Funeral Home under Funeral Homes
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funeral home in Richmond, TX

Going to a funeral home in Richmond, TX is a good idea if you wish to preplan your funeral or cremation. One of the main reasons that people preplan final services is that they wish to spare their families from having to plan their body dispositions after they pass away. When you finally go in for your preplanning consultation, you’ll want to know that the funeral director you’re working with offers great advice. Here are 5 things a funeral director won’t ever say to you.

1. “It Really Doesn’t Matter What Funeral Home You Hire for the Job”

As a consumer, you know that such a blanket statement is almost always wrong. If you’ve visited different grocery stores, different vehicle dealerships, or different dentists, you know that one is not necessarily as good as another. So what you’ll want to do when looking for a funeral home is do a bit of research. The answers are out there. Read reviews online, ask people you’re familiar with for their recommendations, and learn about what qualities to look for in a good funeral home. Doing these things will help you find the right service provider.

2. “It’s Against the Law to Scatter Ashes – and Besides it’s Bad for the Environment”

First off, it’s not against the law to scatter cremation ashes. There are some places where you shouldn’t scatter. For instance, you can’t scatter on private property without permission and you also shouldn’t scatter too close to the shoreline. Also consider that cremation ashes pose zero risks to the environment. So don’t allow these misconceptions to discourage you from planning a cremation if that’s the direction you wish to take.

3. “Funeral Services are Outdated – it’s Best to Skip Them”

No funeral director in their right mind would ever say such a thing. Funeral services provide lots of benefits. For instance, they give people the opportunity to get closure, to grieve openly with like-minded family and friends, and to pay last respects to the deceased. So a funeral service is something that you and other people who attend can get a lot of benefit out of.

4. “Children Should Not Go to Funeral Services”

Mourning is normal and healthy, and children who are old enough to process at least some of what’s going on should be allowed to attend. Moreover, they should be permitted to take part in the funeral service. This might mean reciting a poem, handing out programs, or doing something else appropriate for their age and abilities.

5. “If You Have a Funeral Service, Holding a Memorial Service Would be Redundant”

It is true that you don’t have to do both. But to say that having a memorial service is “redundant” if you have a funeral service makes it appear as though you can’t get value out of a memorial service. You can do both. Usually, a memorial service is a little more lowkey than is a funeral service, so you can have a funeral service and then follow it up with a celebratory memorial service later on.

funeral home in Richmond, TX

Are you interested in finding a funeral home in Richmond, TX? We have a long track record of helping families and individuals with their final services planning needs. We like to treat our customers the way we would want to be treated if we were in their shoes. So you can expect compassion and professionalism when you reach out to us for help. You can call or visit. We’ll be honored to help.

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