5 Common Cremation Service Myths

Posted on August 10, 2020 by Davis Greenlawn Funeral Home under Cremation Services
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How much do you actually know about cremation services in Sugar Land, TX? And how much of what you know – or think you know – comes from actual research versus from what your friends or family have told you over the years? Cremations are now very common as body disposition options, and many industry experts believe that cremations will soon be far more common than funerals. But as you weigh whether to preplan a cremation service or a funeral service, be sure that your decision is made on cold hard facts rather than on fanciful myths.

Here’s a look at 5 common cremation services myths that, while wrong, are still believed by many. The truth not only will liberate you, but also will equip you to make the right choice.

Myth 1: Cremation is for Atheists – Not for People of Faith

There are a few religions that discourage their members from getting cremated, but the vast majority of faiths accept either funerals or cremations. If you’re in doubt, ask the funeral director at a funeral home. But it’s important to know that most religions are okay with cremation.

Myth 2: Urn Mix-Ups are Possible

Don’t fall for the terrifying myth that there’s the possibility of your getting a stranger’s ashes in an urn. No one wants to believe that there will be a mix-up of this sort, and the good news is that this myth is full of hot air. Funeral homes and crematories have systems in place to prevent such errors from occurring, so this myth is the figment of someone’s overactive imagination.

Myth 3: Cremations are Not as Fitting as Funerals

Both body disposition options are fitting and honorable. It really comes down to what the deceased wanted. If the deceased did not preplan, then their family will get to decide.

funeral home in Sugar Land, TXMyth 4: Cremations Can’t be Combined with Funeral Services

While not all death care services providers combine cremations with funeral services, some allow for such flexibility. You can, if you choose the right funeral home, plan a cremation and then include some aspects of a funeral service such as a graveside funeral service followed by the burial of the urn. You can also plan a memorial service at a later date if that’s something you and your family members want.

Myth 5: You Can’t Scatter Ashes

You most certainly can scatter ashes. Just be sure that you have permission before doing so on private property. Cremation ashes don’t pose any risks either health-wise or environment-wise.

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